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We are writing to recommend Rocio Jaen Reyes as a wonderful and dedicated vet. Rocio has looked after all our dogs for 8 years, she has a very calming and friendly approach to the dogs, and they always felt at ease with her, they enjoyed going to the vet to see her!

During those 8 years, Rocio has saved Roxi from Leishmania. We rescued another one of our dogs called Tosca in the Campo, in a cage, with 4 puppies, who all needed urgent medical attention. Rocio saw them immediatley, without an appointment, infact she stayed open for us when she should have been closed. The puppies and mother were treated for their infections every day, and when the were well enough, Rocio found them all suitable homes.
There are many other things Rocio has helped us with, these are just 2 instances.
Rocio is always very welcoming, and gives all animals her utmost attention. We speak very highly of Rocio, and miss her terribly, in Calahonda.

You will be very lucky to have her working for you, all the animals she cares for are her ‘babies’.